Welcome to Havelská Koruna

Welcome to the paradise for gourmands of Czech cuisine. The restaurant Havelská Koruna specializes in traditional Czech cuisine. The great variety of meals offered is unique not only in Prague but in the Czech Republic itself. Our customers can choose from at least 40 different meals every day. Daily menu consists of 25 dishes which are undoubtedly part of traditional Czech cooking. Our regular customers can also try other 15-20 dishes which can vary within the week. High quality Czech beer is a necessary supplement to delicious Czech meals. Tap beer 10°Gambrinus a 12° Pilsen Prazdroj are served in our restaurant.

img_1325At the front door you can see a mascot of the restaurant that is enjoying lovely taste of beer. It is a monk that found his way to the restaurant perhaps from the church of St. Havel. This beer lover drinks several pints of beer a day, normally 10°Gambrinus before payday and 12°Prazdroj afterwards.

img_1336Spacious and stylish interior, which is divided into five sections, welcomes the guest after entering the restaurant. At first there is a section of sweet dishes and salads. Then there is a section of soups, followed by a section of traditional Czech cuisine and last but not least a section of tap beer.

Interiér restauraceOne of the most popular places in the restaurant is an all year round winter garden that can seat 36 people.

img_1287A roomy interior offers other 96 seats that are stylishly divided into simple compartments with 4-6 places to ensure privacy of customers.

img_1286Those, who are permanently in hurry and prefer to eat while standing, can take advantage of 40 places available.


Another priority of our restaurant is the speed of service as the dishes are served as a way comparable to fast food facilities. Upon arrival every customer receives a ticket on which all codes of consumed dishes are indicated. Total bill is paid before leaving the restaurant.

We are proud to say that our meals are highly popular, so there is a possibility of queuing during lunch time, so please do not be put off as our restaurant serves 1000-2000 customers each day. Consequently our client can be sure to get quality Czech meal for reasonable price. However, we do our best to serve most of our customers within 5 minutes. In contrast, in other restaurants this time is needed just for taking customer´s orders. Moreover, other great advantages of our system are endless possibilities of combining meals and side dishes to satisfy tastes of all our clients as everything is charged individually. This opportunity is highly used by our foreign guests. However, sometimes combinations of meals and side dishes can sound strange even to our experienced members of staff. For example dill sauce with rice, sauerkraut with chicken or roast pork with cream sauce. Furthermore, our client has a chance to see all meals and
drinks being served.

Access for wheelchair users and mothers with pushchairs is a standard facility of our restaurant as well as completely non-smoking premises. In addition, there is also fully air-conditioned environment to make our clients feel comfortable.

Look at Havelská Koruna at close quarters

I am looking forward to seeing you in our restaurant and I hope you will enjoy the meal.

František Soukup,